Ford VS Ford: GRC Fiesta ST Drag Races a Supercharged Cobra Jet!




Check out this cool drag race put on by the motorheads at Ford Racing! In this latest race, Ford has pitted drivers Roy Hill against Tanner Foust in this quarter mile showdown! Watch the video below to see how they compare against each other in their relative race vehicles!

With Hill in the 2013 Ford Cobra Jet and Foust piloting a Ford Fiesta ST Competition Car, it poses an interesting matchup. Even though the 2.0l Turbo Fiesta is Sporting over 550 horsepower and custom racing gearbox, its still hard to believe it will be able to beat the Cobra Jet’s 5.0L V8 with a 2.9L Whipple Supercharger.

Find out for yourself in the video below. Does the fiesta surprise the cobra jet and everyone at the Zmax Raceway?