Freightliner Diesel Race Truck Loading Job Gone Wrong



Guy Gets a Little Throttle Happy Loading a Diesel Race Truck on a Trailer!

Now lets get one thing straight, this is only able to be laughed at because no one was hurt. However, this crazy truck loading fail was almost fatal. Watch what happens when an over zealous truck driver tries to get this freightliner diesel truck on a trailer.

Lucky they only lost a fuel tank and some straps instead of the whole truck. Had the truck not gotten hung-up on it’s tank, it would’ve continued right on over the edge of the trailer and been wrecked. Also lucky the fuel didn’t ignite and consume both the truck and the trailer. This 1971 White/Freightliner will live to race another day. Shot at Truckin’ For Kids in Irwindale, California on Sunday October 6th, 2013.

Watch the video and let us know if you think driver deserves a point on his CDL for this funny truck fail. Be sure to ‘share’ the post if you liked the video! Thanks for watching!

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