Funny Drive Thru Dry Ice Prankster




Watch the latest drive thru prank from Justin Stuart of JStuStudios! These guys have been pranking poor drive thru attendants for some time now, and they are finally starting to get some real buzz for their fun drive thru pranks. Be it McDonalds, Taco Bell, or any of the in between chains; no attendant is safe with these guys on the loose.

To all the people that don’t understand dry ice: It’s subliming carbon dioxide. Basically, it’s the solid form of carbon dioxide (the equivalent of ice for water) skipping the liquid stage, and jumping straight into the gas phase.
There’s no danger involved in being around it, unless you inhale massive amounts. The only danger is in holding it solid for long periods. It’s cold enough to give you frostbite after just a minute without gloves.

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