[Funny] European Guy’s Reaction to First Ford Mustang Hot Lap



Watch this guy’s hilarious reaction to his first time in an american muscle car! This light hearted european had no idea what he was getting into, agreeing to do a hot lap in a ford mustang with a professional race car driver! Watch his priceless reactions, as he goes for the ride of his life at Ford’s Lommel Proving Ground, Belgium.

By now you’re likely aware that Ford Motors is taking the Mustang global with the upcoming S550 platform, which will debut sometime in the next six months. Ford has not sold the Mustang muscle car officially worldwide in quite some time, although those wealthy enough to afford it have been able to import them wherever they choose.

As a promotion they filmed this funny european on his first hot lap to get the word out. The video below is almost like we are watching a comedy show. With the way this chap reacts to the power and g’s from the some 20 turns on the track. We have to say the funniest part in the video was when the driver informed the nervous european that they’re headed to the high speed course, “What do you mean high speed – we’ve been going high speed for 10 minutes!” the man shrieks. The driver then takes Bob up to 140 mph on the 4.2 km banked high speed course, and from the looks of it Bob is about to loose his lunch.

Every bit of this video had us smiling, and we hope you enjoy it the same. Is Europe ready for american horsepower? We’d like to think so, but if this guy is any tell, the new mustang might come with governors in europe!