Funny Motorola Lazy Phone Car Accident Commercial

funny motorola lazy phone car accident commercial


Watch the new “lazy phone” ad from motorola! They throw an amuzing twist on what is a dangerous situation. With there new no touch navigation, they are promoting that drivers who are constant using their smart phones while driving. Its tought to admit you have done it to, but we have all lost focus on the road some time or another due to our cellphones.

Watch as their “lazy phone” actor impersonates your smart phone while they are driving in traffic. From not being able to undrestand the driver of the car while he his texting and driving, to sliding between the seat forcing the driver to have take his eyes off the road. Motorola finds the right way with to adress that issue in this funny car accident commercial. With the combination of making it comical as well as having a silution they hit it right on the head.

What did you think about their approach to texting and driving? Let us know in the comments below!