Funny Snowman Prank – Merry Christmas!



Guys Getting Scared and Screaming Like Girls- Scary Snowman Prank!

We thought we would switch it up for this holiday. While your sitting around with friends and family, sifting through the presents. Why not share some laughs as well. In this funny video below. The pranksters from PrankBros, known most for their “Scary Snowman” prank series, have put together this Directors Cut Compilation.

This compilation is great, because its just a bunch of grown men screaming like little girls, when they get scared by the scary snowman prank. Be sure to watch it through, because the is defintely the best one! So get the family around the computer, tablet, or smart phone this Christmas, and ‘share’ this funny video with everyone. Hope this adds to the merriment and cheer this holiday!

Merry Christmas from the Team! – Thanks for sharing a great 2013 with us!