Girl Misses School to Race Her 11 Second Camaro at Drag Week!

16 yr old girl ditches school to race her chevy camaro at drag week



This is one lucky girl, not only does she have an amazing family that has helped her build this beautiful ’68 Chevy Camaro muscle car, she was able to take a whole week off school to race for 6 days straight across the midwest on Drag Week 2013!

Alex was the youngest competitor at this years drag week and her custom chevy race car definitely turned heads. With an LS1 Motor and race ready gearing, she was able to pull high 11 second drag times consistently. Dad better be ready, because he’s going to have to fight the guys away with a stick! Look out Force girls, you might have a new competitor on her way. Watch the video below, of Alex’s 11 second passes and enjoy the sound of that beautiful chevy engine!