Girlfriend Has Rough Time on Scooter

girl wrecks scooter motorcycle funny


We know it’s terrible, but there’s just something inherently funny about watching people inexperienced at driving mopeds, motorcycles, and scooters and watching them take off at a breakneck pace that cracks us up. We get it – the first few times on two wheels can be rough, and there’s definitely a feel for it that comes over time. But that doesn’t make videos like this any less hilarious.

This good-looking brunette is giving it a go on her boyfriend’s scooter, and you can hear him giving instructions as she’s getting settled in and becoming familiar with the controls. She decides she’s ready, and hits the throttle…way too fast. She flies forward, completely out of control, and slams into the back of a trailer up ahead, getting thrown off the bike in the process. Yeah…it might be a while before she gets talked into hopping back on one of those again – but we’re glad to see that she seems ok! If you got a laugh out of the video, be sure to like and share it.