Grandma Arrives to 80th Birthday Celebration on a Motorcycle



Ok, yeah we hear you, your grandma might be cool…but is she cool enough to ride to her 80th birthday party on the back of a Harley Davidson motorcycle? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Meet Frieda Sanson McKinney, who did just that. While other women (and men, for that matter) were being wheeled around the old folks’ home in between games of Bingo when they turned 80, this firecracker had a shindig at the Grub & Pub in her hometown of Girard, Illinois, arriving in style on the back of a hog.

We assume that’s her son chauffeuring her around on that awesome zebra-stripe Harley motorcycle. We haven’t seen too many of those, but we think it’s a great way to transport Frieda around on her special day. What about you guys – any cool stories like this of an older relative still spunky enough to go out and do something like this? Or hell, any of you Motorcycle enthusiasts that are Frieda’s age here and still manage to get out on your chopper? Either way, let us know, and be sure to like and share.