Grandma Gets Blown Away at Nascar Race



Nascar Loving Grandma Gets a Little Too Close to the Race

There are many reasons fans love Nascar races. To pick one main reason would be impossible. You have the tailgates, with crazy fun drunks getting loud to proudly support their favorite drivers before the race. The camaraderie of the fans in the stands, that share a passionate hate love relationship! The “bleacher food” we have grown to love getting, while we know it is highly overpriced and horribly under nutritious!

I guess the most important part is still the race though! Watch your favorite stock cars, round the fence lined tracks built to produce high G pounding turns, and allow for creatively dangerous pass attempts at high speeds. The inevitable nascar crash, has been dubbed the best part of the races in many fans opinions as well.

As a horsepower fanatic, my favorite part has to be the cars themselves. The feeling when they come flying by at 180+! The sound of thunder that actually makes your heart skip a beat when they come flying by. You can’t get that anywhere else but a nascar race!

The video below is a perfect example of the sheer power these amazing race cars have. The ridiculous force that is created when 20+ high powered race cars come speeding by the wall less than 3′ away from you! Watch this sweet little granny find out exactly how strong that force is. While she was trying to get some awesome race footage, her little frame gets bounced around by the force of the speeding cars going by, causing her to run into a couple other fans before catching her balance again!

I don’t know about you, but I think this clip should be showed during any nascar promo commercial before a race! Watch below and let us know what you think. What is your favorite part about a nascar race?