Guy Gets Nasty Surprise After He Washes His New Car


Poor Guy is Victim to New Car Wash Prank!

This hilarious clip is brought to you by the famed french funny man Rémi Gaillard. He has a new movie and posted this short clip to garner some press for it. I’d say its doing well. With over 1 million views on youtube in its first day.

Could be because of just how funny this clip is. Watch as the unsuspecting peugot driver finishes washes his new car at one of those DIY car wash centers. Just as he pulls out from under the awning, he gets a windshield full of something nasty! Actually a whole lot of something nasty.

When he finds out the source of the nastiness, he immediately understands he is the focal point of a funny prank, and finds himself to be the only one not laughing! Click play on the video below and watch what happens in this funny car wash prank! If it made you chuckle, don’t hesitate to give the clip a ‘share’ and get the word out for Rémi!

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