Photographer Gives His Dad a Classic American Muscle Car for Christmas, and Films The Surprise!


World’s Luckiest Dad Gets the Muscle Car of His Dreams for Christmas

When Lee Morris of FStoppers asked his dad what it would take to get him out of his used mazda rx7, his dad had a quick and confident answer. A 1967 hugger orange Chevy Camaro convertible with racing stripes!

The reason it was quickly on the tip of his tongue, was because it had been his dream car since he first laid eyes on it as a teen. Little did he know, that Lee would take those words to heart. Lee has made it his goal to get his dad out of his used mazda convertible.

After a some serious searching, Lee was able to find a used camaro on craiglist that would soon be the coolest christmas present his dad ever got. Now the used camaro he found wasn’t hugger orange, but the classic american car had everything else he was looking for, at a great deal. Lee’s buddy who owns a auto body shop, got wind of what he was trying to do, and insisted on helping get the red chevy camaro to the classic hugger orange his dad had always dreamed of.

Now all Lee had to do was think of a unique way to give such a unique gift to his dad. He made a video of the whole event. Check it out below and let us know what you think! If you liked the post and think this is one of the coolest christmas presents you’ve seen, please share it with your friends before you go.

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