Guy Scares the Crap Out of Wife With His ’67 Pontiac GTO!

guy scares wife with 67 pontiac gto muscle car


Here is a classic video showing the funnest way to a night on the couch! Watch as Mike Woosley shows us what he likes to do for fun! You’ll get a kick out of his wifes reaction as he gets on the gas in his ’67 Pontiac GTO Muscle Car. The acceleration locks her in her seat as he speeds down the road without warning. Pretty sure Mike was counting on that, since it seems like his wife is pretty upset and would strangle him if she could get herself past the wicked g force holding in the seat!

Mike is grinning ear to ear as the racing tires lay rubber behind them during his little stunt. The sounds of the classic muscle car’s accelerating motor drown out what his wife is saying, but that is probably a good thing judging by her body language! If you liked this fun video mike post of scaring the crap out of his wife with his classic ’67 Pontiac GTO Muscle car, be sure to like and share it before you go! Thanks for watching!