Hard Hitting Anti-Speeding Ad from NZ Goes Viral



New Zealand’s Latest PSA Goes After the Dangers of Speeding

This ad is one of the newest in the recent series of hard hitting public service announcements from the New Zealand ad agency. This one really makes a loud point to everyone on the road really, but most importantly the super speeders and impatient drivers.

We rarely think of things like this thought provoking ad suggests. The fact that its too late to take back a bad decision on the road. If we could all get this slowed down moment, to reflect on what we are about to do, before we do it, we might just not make that dangerous decision.

Watch the video clip below of this car accident caused by a driver running a stop sign, or giving it the old “california roll”. Time stops after he decides to pull out in front of another driver that is going to fast as well, and they both get out of their cars and discuss what is going to happen, and the fact that it can’t be stopped. This is a great public service announcement that can hopefully at least reach 10% of the people who watch it, making the roads just a little safer. Be sure to give this clip a ‘share’ with any speedy drivers you might know, who knows.. you might just save a life by doing so!