Harley Street Debuts in X Games First Motorcycle Ice Racing Event!


Harley Street 750 to Debut in First Ever Ice Racing Event at Winter X Games Today!

How would like to see motorcycle ice racing become an annual event at the winter X-games? If your eyes lit up and a smile cracked.. you are just the person Harley needs to help this happen. Harley is asking for help from its fans on twitter. The american motorcycle manufacture has just become the newest sponsor for Winter X-games, and are asking fans to sound off on twitter with the hashtag #XGIceRacing to support their campaign to make ice racing an actual medal event in 2015 and beyond.

If you tune into ESPN for winter X-Games the 23rd-26th you can catch the new Harley Davidson Street 750’s and a group of the best flat track racers harley could get together, racing side by side in some hardcore ice racing action.

The street 750 is a great and versatile bike for this event. Its light and low, with a lot of torque! Screw in some studs to the tires, keep the throttle pinned, and you have X-Games Ice Racing!

Watch this promo video of the soon to be new event below, and don’t forget to sound off on twitter if you’d like to see it for now on. Give the post a ‘share’ before you go!