Zombie Apocalypse Military Truck Can’t Be Stopped



The Marauder is an Off-Road Sport Utility Vehicle with a Real Bad Temper

After watching this clip from Top Gear, we can’t think of another vehicle we’d rather have to help us ride out a zombie apocalypse. Give us this, some heavy firepower, and a few other able-bodied men, and we’d be just fine. “The Marauder”, as this tank has been dubbed, is a South African military vehicle that weighs 10 tons, has an engine that delivers only about 300 brake horsepower but 1100 NM of torque, and is made to withstand high explosives.

Check out the clip around the 3:30 mark, where a tow truck gets in a tug-of-war with The Marauder. Yeah, you can pretty much park this thing wherever you’d like, and there isn’t a damn thing anyone can do about it. It also seems to handle extremely well off-road, and doesn’t let pesky things like brick walls get in the way. It also makes a pretty impressive monster truck, able to easily climb over and crush ordinary cars like it’s nothing. Our favorite test of all, however, is putting the Marauder to the explosive test. You can see what seven pounds of explosives did to a Hummer H3 – left it a broken and twisted pile of metal. But the Marauder, however, escapes with minimal damage, and even cranks and is able to be driven away from the detonation site. Convinced this is the vehicle you want to ride out Armageddon in? Like and share if so.