Hendricks Motorsports’ Handicapped Vehicle Engineer is Inspiring



For most people, becoming a vehicle engineer at a company as highly regarded as Hendricks Motorsports would involve a lot of time, dedication, and intelligence. For Richie Parker, it also meant overcoming the fact that he was born without arms. As hard as that is to believe, you’ve got to take 8 minutes out of your day to watch this video, if for no other reason than it will truly put your daily struggles into perspective.

Richie Parker doesn’t let a trivial matter like the fact that he has no arms stop him from doing everyday things, and even some extraordinary things, as you can see from this video. He still drives his own car (a pretty bad-ass 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS), feeds himself, and manages to hold down an impressive engineering job at Hendricks that requires him to use a computer in a fairly extensive capacity. No problem for Richie – he just pops his shoes off, and goes to work typing with his feet. Unreal.

Richie’s passion for cars and life in general is an inspiration to us all. As he so eloquently puts it, he simply became tired of people telling him the things he couldn’t do, and now figures there isn’t anything he can’t do – just things he hasn’t tried yet. What an awesome story, and one that hopefully will mean something to you. Be sure to share if you found some inspiration in Richie’s story.