Henry Ford’s 1929 Fordson Snow Machine Concept!

henry ford's fordson snow machine concept


Henry Ford’s 1929 Fordson Snow Machine Was The First Snowmobile

This cool Ford advertisement from the 1920’s is just another perfect example of how innovative Henry Ford was. More than 20 years before the first snow mobile was invented, Henry was already scooting around on 5′ of snow like no body had ever seen.

Watch the impressive tasks this modified red belly tractor can handle with ease. Pulling up to 20 tons of lumber that would have taken multiple horse teams to do. Maneuvering through some of the most impossible powder 5 times as fast as a horse could, and even crossing ice with no problem. This machine was definitely impressive.

Obviously it had its disadvantages in weight and size compared to the snowmobile, but this machine could have potentially created more income opportunities for farmers of its time. Its a wonder we didn’t hear or see more about this unique snow tractor! Enjoy the vintage Ford motor company advertisement below, and let us know what you think! Thanks for watching!