Honda Hatchback Performs the World’s Worst Burnout



What happens when you mix a Honda Hatchback, an idiot driver, and a burnout? In one of the funniest fails we’ve seen recently, a car fire is the end result of that combustible combination. Lots of motor heads love a good burnout – you see them all the time on the drag strip and at different car shows. They are fairly easy to pull off, they put off a lot of smoke and make for a great spectacle. However, where there’s smoke, there’s not usually fire…

The driver here starts off in great shape – a really impressive burnout with a huge cloud of smoke. The spectators are impressed, which is probably when he got a big head and decided to keep going. Definitely a bad move. We’ve seen plenty of morons ruin clutches and engines doing burnouts poorly, but this is the first time we’ve seen a car go up in flames that quickly. Hope he enjoyed his 5 seconds of fame, because unless he has some great car insurance that covers serious stupidity, he’s about to shell out some big bucks. Like and share if you’re still laughing at this dumbass who thought he was being cool.