Hot Rodding in a John Deere Lawnmower!


Souped Up John Deere Lawnmower Hot Rodding in a Parking Lot!

When picking out a riding lawnmower, there are a few must haves every dude must check off the list. Nowadays, you can go into any box store and see 10-20 sitting right near the front of the store. It seems like the stores design is set up to tease us doesn’t it? They know are when are testosterone passes by a line up of 4 wheeled, low geared, big bladed riding lawnmowers on sale; we can’t help but imagine ourselves on one. The thought of some AC/DC on the headphones, a cold beer in the cup holder, and the smell of freshly decapitated grass blades just can’t be beat!

Well, the video below might just be even cooler than that! Watch this over powered john deer lawnmower going beast mode in a parking lot full of onlookers! The look on this guys face says it all. He can’t help but keep a smile every time he hits the mashes the gas pedal. Watch him nail these burnouts and donuts below. Not sure what type of engine is in this little green monster. Its got to be small enough to fit under the hood, but it damn sure puts out a lot of power! What do you think he’s running in this bad ass john deere lawn mower?