Hovercraft Racing Might Just Be Our New Favorite Sport

hovercraft racing championship


You can’t watch this awesome clip of the most recent hovercraft racing championships in Prudhomat (FR) and not want to jump right in and join in the fun! Can you imagine bringing this sport to the states? Of course we would have to add 100 horsepower to the engines and a roll cage. Besides that this has to be the next big thing in closed circuit racing fun!

Hovercrafts have always been intriguing but the thought of racing them on a track, just hadn’t been popular enough to make it this way. After this video, how could it not? Couldn’t you just imagine watching a killer race like this once a week and following the points race? Even the wrecks are cooler. When there is a highspeed collision, no one has to slow down and yellow flag this one. The super cool high speed propellers blow the debris right off the track! If this is something you think you can get into also, let us know in the comments section below and we will be sure to post some more about these hovercraft races! Don’t forget to like and share the post before you go!