How To Destroy a Polaris RZR in Less Than a Minute!



Ever wonder how long it takes to destroy a $20K atv? After watching this we can confidently answer you. Less than a minute! Watch as this guy takes his modified polaris rzr through an offroad course that will now be dubbed the Polaris killer!

In the video below this unlucky poloaris rzr owner is testing the limits of his 107 hp off road machine, and quickly finds them. The shocks on the RZR come stock with about 18″ of clearance, but it seems that is just not enough in this situation. As the woops seem to give it to much momentum coupled with the springy shocks and light frame, the RZR gets a beating as it flips end over end down the track. Fortunately the owner had upgraded to a custom roll cage from built by essentially offroad, or the outcome could have been worse. If you liked the post, be sure ‘share’ it with your buds before you go. Thanks for watching!