How To Get in A Lifted Truck: Funny Commercial Spot From Alamo Auto Supply


Alamo Auto Supply Promotes Their Truck Step Bars With This Creatively Funny Ad

In the market to buy some new step bars for your lifted truck? After watching this creatively funny ad from Alamo Auto Supply you might just feel they deserve a chance to win your business. With over 22,000 after market truck and off-road accessories to choose from, and lifetime labor guarantee, it doesn’t won’t hurt to look them up!

In this clip aptly named “How to Get in a Lifted Truck”, Alamo Auto Supply uses a Ford SuperDuty Pickup Truck, a trampoline, and short blonde woman to get their point across. You might be ready for some step bars on your lifted truck. Granted, there is a chance that this ad, might just give lifted truck owners the idea to carry around a small trampoline in their truck bed, instead!

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