Hyundai Hatchback in Slowest Car Crash Ever



Ever seen a more ridiculous crash than this one involving a Hyundai hatchback and a Bobcat? We wish we could offer a good explanation of what exactly took place here, but we can’t. All we can do is offer guesses as to how this absurdity happened, and of course laugh at it, because it’s pretty damn hilarious.

First of all – why is the Hyundai hatchback parked in the middle of the road at this intersection? It doesn’t even look like anyone is in the car, but it’s definitely blocking the right lane at this light. Did it break down? Is this normal driving in other countries? And then, out of the right side of the screen, comes a Bobcat, which we can only hope is unmanned. How else can you explain this wreck that takes place at about 3 miles an hour? Either that, or it was done on purpose, making it even more ridiculous. Hopefully there’s a good explanation for all of this, but we’re just glad it appears nobody was physically injured.

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