Hyundai’s 2015 Genesis: The New Line of Self Driving Vehicles Have Arrived!


A new article from CNN suggests that 2014 may be the year of the driverless car, with over 50 percent of respondents to a University of Michigan survey reporting that they were stoked about driverless autos. What once was way too far out to be the future may very well be the way you’re getting to work come 2015. Check out this crazy new video from Hyundai, which announces their new line of self-driving Genesis 2015 cars and demonstrates how safe these vehicles of the future really are!


Hyundai Genesis Promo Video

The video begins with a disclaimer you’d be smart to follow. Your Hyundai probably doesn’t have all these safety features. Next, you see a pack of drivers getting into new-model Hyundais, including Buddy Joe, who is a member of Hollywood’s Stuntmen Hall of Fame and a top stunt driver. Buddy Joe has a voice over that explains a little bit about what is going to happen.


A semi starts passing the cars on the right, beeping at them. There’s a crew all dressed in black on the semi. You’re thinking it’s going to be some sort of auto ninja fight. Suddenly, the drivers begin to climb out the sun roofs of their respective cars. One by one, the drivers jump through the air and land on crash pads on the bed of the semi. All of the drivers exit the vehicles, except for Buddy Joe. Suddenly you understand the title of the film, The Empty Car Convoy.

You expect Buddy Joe to put these cars through their paces. But, no. He puts on a blindfold and relaxes in the car. The cars are all driving themselves down the freeway, maintaining a safe driving distance and staying in their lanes.

A voice over announces a safety brake test and suddenly the semi pulls in front of the cars and slams on its brakes. Brakes squeal down the line as one by one the cars brake safely. The drivers on the semi all cheer, and the film ends.

Purchasing Driverless Cars in Reality

So the cars are ready for you (or mostly). However, you’re only really good to go in California, Nevada, Michigan, and Florida — the four states that have legally ordained putting self-driving cars on the road.

Driverless cars offer a range of safety benefits for the driver and environmental benefits for all. Because they automatically adjust to traffic and kill the engine instead of idling when they’re a delay, they put out fewer emissions.

When cars don’t have drivers, they also don’t need to be owned. Your whole neighborhood could share a small fleet of vehicles.Two cars per family would no longer be necessary, because everyone could get where they needed to be safely and efficiently.

Because there is no chance of human error, they actually cause fewer car crashes. Human driver error is the major cause of car crashes. The Hyundai video really puts this one in perspective. And, finally, who doesn’t want a little more time in their day to check their Twitter feed, read the newspaper, or watch more goofy overpowered videos here at ALH?
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