Impressive Biker Babes at European Motorcycle Show

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After seeing this video of last year’s EICMA, an international motorcycle show that takes place annually in Europe, we started looking for international flight deals right away. While some of the European brands of motorcycles, motorcycle accessories, and scooters are not exactly our “cup of tea”, as they say, we can confidently say this – these companies know how to pick women to model their products. There are certainly blondes and brunettes galore, and maybe even a redhead or two for good measure. Even if you aren’t a fan of some of these brands, at least the sight-seeing was pretty solid.

This international bike show is about more than the ladies, though. At least we think. We noticed logos for a couple of well-known brands, namely Italjet, an Italian manufacturer of quality scooters, and Rizoma, a supplier of motorcycle accessories and bikes. The big boys were out in force at last year’s event as well – BMW Motorrad, Ducati…hell, even the Italian division of Harley-Davidson was there, bringing some American flavor to Milan. We enjoy taking a glance at how our brothers across the pond put on a bike show, and we can say it’s not too bad. Maybe next time throw in some BBQ, rock music, and a few burnouts though. That would make for a great time. Like and share if you agree.