Impressive Motorcycle Stunt Bike Riding in the Deep South




We thought you guys would enjoy this cool video of Jesse Toler stunt biking in the city of Byrdstown, Tennessee, where he’s able to show off some pretty awesome moves, as well as putting together a fun video to watch. You know what we love more than almost anything else about this video? Rather than most of the knuckleheads we see who try to pull these moves off on busy roads around other people, Jesse got permission from the town to shoot this video there. You know what that means? You won’t see another moving vehicle throughout the video, because the roads he used were closed off while the shoot was taking place. Very cool idea – and great publicity for the city of Byrdstown.

Of course, the riding is pretty damn cool, too. We love the style of this video – the music is perfect for a clip shot in the South, and Jesse makes use of the scenery to display some awesome riding. The stunts were sweet, especially the ease with which he pulled off those ridiculous wheelies. Very cool to incorporate the police car and the green Dodge Challenger, too. Let us know what you thought of the video, and don’t forget to like and share.