Indian Motorcycles Takes The First Jab at Harley Davidson



Ouch, quite the shot fired by Indian Motorcycles at the big boys at Harley-Davidson with this new advertisement making the rounds. Everyone has been talking about the release of the new Indian Chief Motorcycles, which are now being spotted on the streets all across the country. Whether or not Harley feels the pain in their sales numbers remains to be seen, but this video leaves no doubt the company Indian is gunning for.

The video shows a Harley owner meticulously going through the steps of cleaning his chopper, just like many of us do on a regular basis. The video shows him washing literally every square inch of the bike, getting the hard to reach places with utensils like a small brush and cue-tips. Then the bike comes out of the garage, and the viewer anticipates the owner taking off the freshly cleaned Harley…only to be left with the image of a “For Sale” sign placed on the Harley. Viewers are then left with the tagline “Choice is coming to American motorcycles.” Ouch indeed. What do you guys think – if you’re a Harley man, you sticking with them, or you willing to branch out and give Indian a shot when you purchase your next chopper? Let us know in the comments, and like and share either way if you appreciated the humor of this commercial.