Insane Highside Motorcycle Crash at CV Raceway!

Motorcycle Racer Has Close Call at Chuckwalla Valley Desert Race Track

This crazy video of a motorcycle rider high-siding during a recent race is nothing but spectacular! Reports were that he didn’t have any serious injuries. Some minor bruising is something anyone would be content with after a motorcycle crash like this.

Fortunately for the motorcycle racer, he was wearing all of the proper safety equipment, and on a professional race track. Can you imagine if this happened on the streets? If he wasn’t wearing full race leathers, helmet, and gloves? I hope this video not only is fun to watch for you, but reminds you just how quick things can go bad on a motorcycle.


If you have ever in been in an accident like this, you know that time seems to slow down when your adrenaline gets going. The length of time the wrecked biker was in the air, makes me wonder just how long it seemed for him. We’re glad to see he was ok, and actually made it back out on the track the next day!

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