Insane Motorcycle Tricks by Motorbike Freestyle Champ



It’s amazing the things some guys (and gals) can pull off on two wheels, and we’ve rarely seen a more impressive run than the one put together by Rafal Pasierbek, aka Stunter 13, at this year’s Stunt Grand Prix to take home the championship. Rafal started riding motorcycles in his native Poland at the age of 6, and it makes sense when you consider many members of his family rode competitively. Since 2005, he’s won a number of championships all across Europe, relentlessly perfecting his craft to perform the crazy acrobatic stunts you see here. That kind of skill doesn’t just happen – Rafal trains day and night to hone his skills.

And talk about skills – check out the moves he puts together in just this one four-minute stretch. Front and back-wheel wheelies, standing on the bike, riding on the handlebars, handstands, burnouts…you name it, this kid can do it. Watching a performance like this makes you almost forget you’re watching stunt biking – you feel like this kind of show belongs on a stage. We’re impressed with the performance of guys like Stunter 13, but be sure to let us know what you think and if you’d like to see more videos like this. And as always, like and share if you enjoyed the show.