Insane V8 Powered Dirt Drag Motorcycle Racing!


Nitrous Powered Motorcycle Racing on Dangerously Short Dirt Tracks

Would you enjoy watching videos of lunatic Australians racing side by side on V8 powered motorcycles on a dirt strip? Yah, us too! We found this clip, did some research and saw that the sport was invented by a Hells Angel named Thomo. That immediately raised the bar. We have never heard of such madness as this. Sure we’ve seen some wild four wheelers and junk, but these custom built dirt drag bikes with small block V8 engines and huge scooper tires on them are a revelation in racing of the best kind. Clearly, one would need to have suffered some sort of serious mental trauma to even think about riding one, but we are glad the crazy bastards exist!


Watch the video below of these hardcore motorcycle riders throwing some serious dirt in this australian game of death!… Ok maybe game of death is little exaggerated, but its friggin close! Especially when you put an unprotected light pole right at the end of the “drag strip”. That’s definitely an expensive insurance claim waiting to happen!