Instant Karma When Motorcycle Rider Overtakes Car


Motorcycle Rider Learns His Lesson After Overtaking a Car in Traffic!

Karma can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Your actions reflect what you receive. In this case, the cocky motorcycle rider’s actions weren’t the most safe and courteous, and he gets what he deserves!

Watch this dashcam video of a motorcycle rider on a streetbike, overtaking a car on the highway. The car has to swerve into the other lane just to safely avoid the rider. Good thing they were paying attention too, or this might not have been a funny video at all.

As soon as the cocky motorcycle rider looks back at the driver he just cut off, he doesn’t apologize, or even get over into the other lane. Nope, what he does next is just plain idiotic, and he gets his just deserves. Watch the clip below, and give it a ‘share’ if you think its a perfect example of Karma caught on film!