Is This Trans-Am the Best “Knight Rider” Kitt Car Replica?



This might just be the best kitt car replica we have ever seen! this ’91 Pontiac Trans AM GTA brings back such fond memories of one of our favorite 80’s tv shows. Knight Rider was one of the most popular car shows of its time and the star was a pontiac trans am that had a mind of its own, and loved to woop some bad guy tail!

Movie and TV replica cars can be hit or miss — sometimes they’re indistinguishable from the cars that inspired them, and sometimes they’re just laughable. The video below features a cool ride along with Knight Rider’s Kitt Car doppelgänger. The owner has completely transformed his pontiac firebird into Kitt, by transforming the fender and nose with the season 4 nose and installing one of the coolest car dashes known to man. All that is missing is a sound board with William Daniel’s voice! You be the judge, let us know what you thought of his attempt to match the uber cool Kitt Car in the comments below! Would you drive it? Don’t forget to like and share the post before you go!