Its Time to Start Living: Harley Cafe Racer Motorcycle Film




As motorcycle riders, we all share on simple and same freedom that most who don’t ride never get to experience. The wind on your chin from the open road. You can drive the same route hundreds of time in a car or truck, and it is the same boring ride that you can almost do with your eyes closed. However, take that same route on a motorcycle and everything changes. The simple things like the smell, sound and temperature are magnified.

This great short film recently published on vimeo by the motorcycle rider/ film maker Bradley Devine is nothing short of perfect. Perfect in the sense that it captures how we see the open road. Watch as he begins the walk to his harley cafe racer motorcycle through the northern american mountainside. As soon as he is on his bike the sound of the custom built motorcycle is a simple reminder to get off your couch or chair and go start your bike. The grey color tone of the video makes you feel like you are back in time, just as a quiet ride in the mountains can do for anyone presently. Let us know what you thought of Brandon’s video below in the comments, and don’t forget to like and share the post! Thanks for watching!