Jack Nicklaus’ Grandson Survives Horrific Motorcycle Accident

jack nicklaus grandson horrific motorcycle accident




It’s hard to believe the biker in this horrific motorcycle accident even lived through this crash. Whats almost as interesting as the rider surviving, is that the rider is the grandson of a very famous sports icon. Nick O’Leary, the grandson of Jack Nicklaus and a tight end on the Florida State Seminoles football squad, survived this amazing motorcycle accident in May. Here’s footage from cameras of a bus that O’Leary’s bike slammed into.

Its tough to tell just looking at the video but you can see at around 0:11 the car pulls out into the road crossing the yellow line, as to block the bus or something. To read more about the incident including the official police report, visit SB Nation’s FSU blog Tomahawk Nation. Don’t forget to like and share the post before you go!