Jaguar Driver Learns Lesson After Parking Like a Jerk



We’ve all wanted to do it, but this guy actually had the stones to teach a double-parked Jaguar sports car owner a lesson. No matter where you go, you’re bound to run across people who think the rules don’t apply to them, usually because they think their car is too good to be parked next to others in just a single spot. We’re assuming that’s the case with the owner of this Jaguar, who according to the video description parks like this at his office every single day. Unbelievable that some people are so inconsiderate, especially in what doesn’t look to be a very large lot.

The video reminds us of scenes from the television show The Office, where something crazy or funny is going on in the parking lot and the rest of the employees watch from the window to get a good view. That’s exactly what happens here, as some guys (including the owner of the truck parked right next to the Jaguar) in on the gag watch and record the reaction of the Jaguar owner as he finds his door completely blocked.

The video shows the full 5 minute sequence as he first tries to enter the driver side unsuccessfully, considers climbing across the passenger side, and paces around the vehicle in what we can assume is a pretty furious state. After almost coming back into the building (presumably to confront the owner of the truck) he decides against it, climbing in the passenger side and eventually getting to where he’s able to drive off. Sometimes it’s nice to see people pay for pulling a dick move like that. What do you think – proper vengeance, or should the rest of the office just let the guy be? If you enjoyed the video, please like and share.