Kid Genius Builds Life Size Air Powered Lego Hot Rod


Amazing Driveable Hot Rod Made of Legos and Powered By Air

Not only is this life size lego hot rod cool, it is damn impressive! Melbourne entrepreneur Steve Sammartino and self-taught technology genius from Romania Raul Oaida, have screwed every parent this Christmas, by showing kids around the world the absolute, best toy they could ask for.

Too bad for parents, but this Christmas present is one of a kind, and not easily duplicated. Composed of over 500,000 lego pieces, 215 pistons, and 40+ patrons to help build it; this was one amazing project. In fact the guys named the project – ‘Super Awesome Micro Project’.

Sammartino was said to have crowd funded this #superawesomemicroproject with one tweet! Check out the video below of the full size lego hot rod in action. Due to the fragile connections of the lego pieces themselves the guys have not topped 20-30Km, to prevent a seriously horrible lego explosion! How good would this look under the tree?