Driver Reacts to Flipping Car Like She Does it Every Day!



Lady Reacts to Scary Car Wreck Like She Does it Every Day

Its not every day you are driving down the road, hydro plane your car, and dangerously flip into a revene. After watching this ridiculous video, I now think there is someone who does do that every day. The way this women driver reacts to wrecking her car, is mind boggling!

Watch this crazy dash cam car wreck clip as she flips her Opel Frontera car and practically smiles. Right after the car stops flipping, the look on her face is almost to say,” Damnit, I just got my car repaired from yesterdays wreck”. Seriously, this lady would be a poker champion with a stone cold face like this! It’s hard to even believe this is real, by her reaction to the car wreck. Watch the video below and let us know what you think! Is this crazy or what?