Lady Drives VW Beetle Into Fence, Fellow Driver Cracks Up





This dash cam video of a lady driving right into a fence would be funny enough on its own, but just wait until you hear the guy dying laughing in the car behind her. We’ve posted a lot of Russian dash cam videos in the past, and it’s always amazing how different things are there. In America, if you were to witness an accident like this, most people would jump out and immediately help in any way possible, including checking on the driver, calling 911, etc. But in Russia? Nah…

We’ll admit it, we chuckled too when we saw this woman drive directly into a fence while trying to make her turn. It was such an easy turn, and she was driving so slowly that it really doesn’t make any sense how she managed to do it. But the guy driving behind her? He absolutely loses it, busting out laughing right away. Oh, but surely he laughs for a minute, then stops to check on her, right? Nope, he laughs for a few seconds, then eases around her and keeps on driving, laughing like a lunatic while he does it. We feel bad for the lady, and we hope she’s ok, but we’ve got to admit, we were laughing right along with this dude. If you were too, make sure to share this post so others can also.