Lightning Fast MKIII Toyota Supra



We know plenty of diehard Toyota Supra fans, and this video showing off a Mark III Supra posting an 8-second 1/4 mile is pretty freaking awesome. Toyota may have killed off U.S. sales of the Supra in 1998 and the car for good in 2002, but it still lives on – at least on the drag strip! This future classic car has many enthusiasts and fans who love modifying and racing these killer vehicles, and we immediately loved watching this 900 horsepower Supra post some impressive times.

While this Supra was modified and no longer houses the Toyota 7M-GE engine, it does boast a turbo 400 that gives it crazy fast acceleration. The video clips you’re seeing here came from the first annual Bayou Drag at Hennessey’s this year, and after several runs in the low 9-second range, everything finally clicks into place and it posts an 8.89 at 158.56 miles per hour. Kind of makes us want to rush out and find a Supra of our own to start working on, to be honest. If you’re a Supra owner or just a fan, be sure to comment and let us know what modifications you’ve made to yours. And as always, like and share if you enjoyed watching.