“Lil Red” Cummins Diesel Truck with 1000hp is Bring Sexy Back!



Its not often we get to see a show truck that looks like its ready to be in a magazine that pulls low 10 drag times. This beauty known as Lil Cummins is a breath of fresh air. Not only does this truck look clean enough to eat off it, it can eat the competitions dinner too!

This insane cummins diesel truck is laying out 1000 horsepower and almost 1700 ft lbs of torque. In the video below we got to see it first hand, when its owner brought it out for a test pass running 100 psi of nitrous. Its too bad we didn’t get to see any full runs but its still a treat to see this cummins diesel sleeper truck roll some serious coal. If you liked the clip, be sure to ‘share’ it before you go. Thanks for watching!