Long Legs and a Hardtail Bobber Motorcycle



The leggy brunette you see in this video is Monique Blanchard, and we don’t know if she’s ever wrapped those legs around a custom motorcycle frame before, but we recommend she not make it her last time.  Especially if she’s considering utilizing these items of clothing again.  There’s just something about a hot girl on top of a wicked custom bike that gets us every time, and this shoot with the girl, the bike, the pool table…well, let’s just say if Ms. Blanchard needs a ride, we’d be glad to offer one.

Of course, this being a motorcycle blog and all, there is of course a motorcycle in the video as well.  Bonus points if you can tell us what kind it is.  We love the all-black paint job, save for a few chrome pieces here and there.  Be sure to like and share this post if you’re a fan of the bike, the girl, or both!