Long Live The Kings: A Motorcycle Journey Short-Documentary!



When the road come calling, its our duty as motorcycle riders to listen. This highly acclaimed short film, follows 3 bikers who do just that. On their BMW r100/7’s built by Blitz motorcycles, they take to the winter roads of the mountainside. Like Cowboys on the open range, these three bikers take to the road with nothing but instinct and inspiration.

Watch as the director of this short, allows us to feel as if we are on this amazing road trip with them. With this documentary being shot with just 16mm film, it gives you that nastalgic 70’s feel. The scenes with the bikers playing in the sandy field, jumping small jumps and sliding around, embodies the epitome of freedom. A true motorcycle adventure is not just about the route, or the destination, but the entire journey. This video seems to focus on just that, and this is why we wanted to share it with you guys.

How can you not want to start planning your next motorcycle adventure as soon as you finish watching this? If you liked their video below, be sure to ‘share’ it around! These guys are a delightful change in the world of motorcycle film making, and we want to get their word out!