Low Bridge Decapitates Dozens of Trucks



There isn’t much we enjoy more than watching hilarious automobile accidents, and this collection of clips of a low bridge taking out dozens of trucks is just perfect. Not a single one of these drivers should have the right to claim ignorance – there are signs everywhere, a big flashing sign right before the bridge warning of the low height. Those semi truck drivers should especially know better, and we really aren’t inclined to give much of a pass to the people in rental trucks either, as we know from experience the rental facility usually makes it very clear what clearance the truck needs to get through. We definitely hope those guys opted for the rental truck insurance when it was offered!

We love the different approaches the different drivers take. You can tell some are somewhat unsure if their truck can make it through or not, and approach very cautiously and stop at the first sign of impact. Some drivers just don’t give a rip, and hit that bridge at what has to be at least 45 miles-per-hour. Some just barely hit – a couple of campers just barely scrape – while other trucks hit forcefully and literally have their front wheels picked up off the ground. Oh, and the lady walking down the road at about the 2:50 mark had us rolling, considering she sees one of these incidents occur and never even breaks stride. Don’t worry ma’am, we’re sure everything’s ok! Enjoy watching, and don’t forget to like and share.