Brownie Points: Guy Surprises GF With a New Bouncer!


Guy Surprises His Girlfriend With Her Very Own Custom Rock Bouncer!

The man that is raising the bar for all guys in the off-road world is Jarod Yankee. He is the owner and driver of the white trash CSC Buggy. Well, what was once the white trash Buggy. Now it will forever be known as Bombshell. The new rock bouncer that you guys will be drooling over, is a surprise present for his girlfriend.

This custom fabbed CSC Boncer features a rear engine LS1, th400, 3.0 Atlas tranfer case, 14bolt axles and 43″ Tires! Not too shabby if I can say so myself. If you believe in brownie points, Jarod just won the lottery of brownie points in this video!

Watch as he surprises his girlfriend while they were out getting breakfast before going wheeling this weekend. He takes her out to the Walmart Parking lot, and gives her her very own rock bouncer to play with that day. Since this is a ridiculously crazy present to give a ‘girlfriend’ my conclusion is that, Jarod was getting tired of having to share the seat with his girlfriend on the weekends, so he go her one for herself. Maybe that seems cynical, but its just hard to believe this guy is that great. No question when my ol’lady sees this, I’m going to be hard pressed to explain why I haven’t gotten her something like this! Thanks Jarod.. Thanks alot!

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