Man Uses Truck to Stop Motorcyclist Robbing His Friend!


Truck Driver Saves His Partner From Being Robbed by Motorcycle Thugs

If you love seeing justice happen in real time, this is the video for you! We often hear stories of such situations, but rarely do they get caught on tape. The footage below is from a cctv camera that was installed at a business in a suburban town in Brazil.

It captures the business owner making his way into work for the day, right as he gets attacked. The attackers come on motorcycle and seemed to be armed with a handgun. It is illegal to possess guns in Brazil…. so as you guessed it, the only people that carry are criminal, seems real effective doesn’t it.

Not to worry though. Brazil has not banned weird looking ford trucks yet! That proves to be perfect for this guy. Watch as the victims business partner realizes that the motorcycle thugs are in process of robbing him in the driveway. What happens next is just freaking awesome!



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