Mazda Race Car Driver Nearly Kills His Competitor



We understand that when you’re out on the race track, the adrenaline gets pumping and it’s easy to get a “win at all costs” mentality. That being said, the driver of the red Mazda MX-5 (pretty much the same thing as a Miata) in this video takes things too far, and not only runs 2 cars off the track in a span of about 30 seconds, but sends one driver careening towards a wall and a pretty brutal crash. This Mazda MX-5 race took place on the UK’s Croft Circuit, and is actually an endurance race – though when you crash on lap 3, it’s hard to call that “endurance”.

Our view is from the on-board camera of the 2nd car to get knocked off the track, but watching the cars up ahead we can get a pretty good feel for how the driver of the red MX-5 is approaching things. We really don’t have too much of a problem with the way he gets around the white car – they’re both driving fairly aggressively, and although it might be a bit dirty, the driver of the red MX-5 gives his fellow racer a bit of a nudge, just enough to loosen him up and send him off-course. We also don’t think he meant to do serious damage to the 2nd car, probably just saw him approaching and tried to fight off the coming race car a bit too aggressively. Aggressive is the key word, though, as he sends the car off the track and towards a collision with a wall. Luckily, the driver escaped unharmed, but the car was totaled. What did you guys think – you ok with the aggressive driving, or think he took it too far? Either way, make sure you like and share if you enjoyed the video.