Mega Trucks Tug of War Battle Pits Torque VS Traction


Mud Truck Madness plays out before your eyes in the video below. This is a tug of war battle like no other. Between 2 Mega Trucks to determine their dominance over one another. The goal is to pull your opponent backwards until you cross the line. Once you do that you have won the tug of war. Sounds simple, but try doing it with one of these 4×4 monsters on the end of the line.


You might remember tug of war from grade school; One class pulling against the other class until one wins over the other. The concept here is much the same, except the pullers, are not classes but Mega Trucks. You can hear the supped up engines, but this is not a game of horsepower. This is a game of low-end torque. Torque is what actually moves the vehicle. Horsepower is what makes a vehicle go fast. These trucks are not going fast. They are fighting it out inch by inch, not mile by mile.

What Is The Key To The Game?

There is also quite a bit of suspension play here with these jacked up Mega Trucks. The suspension has to be built in such as way that the tension on the rope does not cause the loss of grip to any of the drive tires. These trucks are all 4×4 or potentially even AWD. If the suspension were to cause one tire to lose grip, the race would be over. To move forward against a supped up opponent the entire vehicle has to work as a single unit. It does not do much good if all of the torque is headed to just the back tires. Too much torque on such a dirty surface will only cause the wheels to spin. Spinning wheels are not producing grip and grip is what inches you forward.

Balancing A Mega Truck For Victory

These races or heats are exciting. They are slow and methodical matches that pit engineering against engineering. The truck with the most torque is not necessarily the winner, and that is one thing that makes this type of competition so exciting. It is the entire package. That includes the weight of the vehicle, the capability of the suspension and the power and torque that is delivered to the drivetrain. Weight is an issue. The cool looking Jeep vehicle was simply towed away by the larger, heavier truck. There was another truck that had a rear end that squatted down during its heat. That position caused the truck’s suspension to lose traction. The winner, was the truck that handled all of those aspects the best. What do you guys think is the weakest aspect of the Mega Truck during a Tug of War?