Motorcycle Breaks in Half During Awful Crash



Any motorcycle crash is bad enough even at reasonable speeds on the highway, but when you’re talking about bikes built for speed during a race, a crash can be that much more dangerous. Check out this video that shows exactly what can happen when bikes collide traveling at high speeds. Earlier this year at the Indy Mile Flat Track during an AMA Pro flat track race, the accident you’re about to watch took place, and both riders are extremely fortunate to have survived and fully recovered.

As the riders go around a turn, Nichole Cheza loses control of her Global Products Harley-Davidson motorcycle and slides into the wall. The motorcycle kicks back into the race track, and right in the path of Chase Sconyers. The collision is brutal, and both bikes (and Chase) go flying. Watch as Chase’s motorcycle literally breaks in half during the carnage. Again, both riders escaped with fairly minor injuries, owing many thanks to modern safety equipment that protects riders like these, but things definitely could have been much worse. We’re thankful for that, and if you are too, and if you’re still in awe of this ridiculous crash, be sure to like and share.