Motorcycle Crashes Into Parked Car at 70 mph

motorcycle accident at 70mph


We all have our ideas on who if any is watching over us from above. The video below is hard to explain without some sort of miracle accompanying this guy. You can watch as he is speeding through a quaint English town. A surveillance camera catches him run right off the road into a parked car at 70 mph. You see his body bounce off a building about 10 feet in the air and land on the concrete sidewalk. If you explained this motorcycle accident in detail to anyone not able to see the outcome, they would definitely assume the rider had serious or even fatal injuries.

Not the case here! The rider is actually able to walk away from this on his own accord, and later check himself into a hospital to verify nothing internal was damaged. This has to be one of the most amazing motorcycle accident recoveries on the internet. If you are glad this guy made it out without any life threatening injuries, be sure to share this video for others to see!